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Parking Lot Patching and Repairs

Parking Lot Patching and Repairs Rochester NY



Common causes of asphalt deterioration are weathering, drainage problems, excessive loads, and fluids from leaky vehicles. We can repair asphalt problems in various ways, depending on the nature and extent of the parking lot damage. These methods include:commercial_patching1_th

  • Infrared Pavement Repair
    Favored for its ability to create a quick, seamless patch in areas that do not have serious structural or sub-grade asphalt deterioration, this method uses “invisible” infrared heat to recycle existing asphalt on your parking lot. Our equipment produces intense infrared wavelengths to penetrate the surface of the existing asphalt and heat it to a depth necessary to scarify and repair the damaged pavement area. With the addition of fresh asphalt, the area is compacted and leveled up to grade. The result is a water-resistant, seamless pavement repair with heat-welded edges.
  • Remove and Replace the Asphalt
    This is the preferred pavement repair method when the base of the asphalt on your parking lot has been damaged. The area is saw-cut at the edge of the deteriorated pavement area, the asphalt and stone are removed, and the base is inspected. New stone is installed on the pavement as needed and compacted thoroughly to stabilize the base. Hot asphalt is then added to the proper thickness and rolled to match the surrounding elevations of the parking lot.
  • Overlay Resurfacing
    This option is recommended only when the existing asphalt base is in good shape or if you are looking for a lower-cost quick fix for your parking lot. First, we remove any loose debris from the pavement area and apply a layer of tack (glue). Asphalt is then added to the desired thickness and then compacted on the pavement. Because skin patches are added to the top of existing asphalt, they may appear on your parking lot as being slightly raised and rougher than the surrounding asphalt.